When using Spot N Paste on the DSMTool dashboard you have the ability to copy addresses and add to cart your amazon items. 

Under the Buying Price column you will now see the copy button to copy your buyers addresses into Spot N Paste. 

The Cashback feature has been added in DSMTool as well. To use the cashback feature, you will simply make sure you are logged into your cashback site in another tab. Then click on the dropdown that you is shown by Spot N Paste and click on the one that you are using. It will then redirect you through your cashback site and open your item. Please make sure that you give it ample time to load the items link before you start clicking around. 

Also you will see the Add to cart button. Below here is a video that shows you how you can use that feature. This is only available for Amazon items in DMTSool. 

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