Bulk Adding

We have added two ways that you can add new items to your Spot N Center. Single add or by Bulk Adding. In this document we will cover both ways.

Adding Items In Bulk

To bulk add items you will go to Add files tab then click on the New File button we have circled in the image.

Download Spreadsheet

We have provided you with a sample spreadsheet that you can download and use as a reference to upload back into Spot N Center which will bulk upload your items for you.
If you need this, click on the download link to download the sample. 

When you first open the spreadsheet you will see that we have entered a few items for you as an example. Please make sure that you delete these examples otherwise they will get put into your grid.

Overview of Spreadsheet

The headings of the spreadsheet are very important. They are what tell Spot N Center where the correct information is to be placed in your Manage Items Tab. Here is an explanation of what each one is.
  1. supplier_item_name
    1. This column is where you will put the either the name of your supplier, or you can put the suppliers name of the item you are selling. That is completely up to you. 
  2. item_id
    1. This column is very important. You will want to put the ID of your item that is live and selling. For instance each item you list on eBay, ebay submits to you an item ID for it. For amazon it would be the items ASIN number for that listing. For Shopify, its located in the link when you are editing the item. You want to pay close attention that you do get the correct one because that is what Spot N Paste will use to know where the item is located. 
  • supplier_link
    1. This column is where you will place the link that takes you directly to the item for you to purchase from your supplier. For instance if you are selling an amazon item on eBay, and it sells on eBay, you will need to go to amazon to purchase the item. The link for that item on amazon is the link you will place in this column. 
  • marketplace
    1. Your marketplace is where you are selling your item. If you are selling on eBay, put eBay in this column. 
  • Uploading the Spreadsheet

    After you have added all of your items to the spreadsheet, make sure you save it as a CSV file and then upload it back into Spot N Center by clicking on the choose file button.

    Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet, you will notice that a grid will appear. This grid is allowing you to look over what you are uploading and make any changes that are you see are needed. Also if there are duplicate listings, we will give you the choice if you want to keep both options or only keep one because you are updating it.
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