Current Issues

2/1/2020- Chrome Delays updating Spot N Paste

As of 1/27/2020 eBay released an update to the seller dashboard. This update has caused Spot N Paste to not work correctly. Many of the function buttons are not appearing making Spot N Paste almost unusable. Within hours of being notified of the issue, our support team released an update to the Chrome Web Store. Once we release an update, we are forced to wait for Chrome to publish the extension live to our users. They put the extension in a "Pending Review" status. This is something that happens with all extensions, however they seem to be delayed in reviewing Spot N Paste. We have no control over this. Because Chrome is delayed, we are now advising all of our users to please use our Firefox version of Spot N Paste. That is the most current version that is working correctly with the eBay dashboard. If you still have questions about this issue, please feel free to contact us. 

We are also updating frequently within our Facebook group. If you would like to join us there, please click the link and fill out the questionnaire to be accepted into the group. Spot N Paste Facebook Group

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